Option: WINDOW

You and your customers will appreciate the visibility and natural light a 16" X 19" window adds to your door enclosure.​ $53

SEAL-A-DOOR Options & Accessories
Customize your investment with added conveniences and versatility.

Option: ZIPPER

The zipper feature makes trips back-and-forth to the van even easier by keeping your SEAL-A-DOOR in place as you work. ​$51


Accommodate varied cleaning operations and hose sizes for the most effective results.

This option is recommended for those who do carpet cleaning AND duct cleaning, and your duct cleaning is done with an 8" or 10" hose.

  • Single Flap: $28
  • Double Flap: $45 

Shown: Standard-size SEAL-A-DOOR with zipper and large window options

Shown: Multi-function Flap System - Double Flap
Fully seal the enclosure for dry-out operation (top), or select opening to best accommodate various hose sizes (bottom).