Shown: ​Standard features (left) versus add-on options of zipper and window (right).

Shown: Super Screen  SEAL-A-DOOR
Safety stripe available in stock and special order colors.

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Developed for our friends that live in enviable climates, it has become a popular "perfect day" accessory for all operations!​​ Available in the versatile COMBO size.

SEAL-A-DOOR Sizes, Styles & Prices
Choose a size to fit your business and a style match your climate!

Available Sizes + Options

COMBO: $158*
Our most versatile size. Will fit a typical commercial doorway opening (36" X 84") and
also compress to fit a typical residential doorway (36" X 80") with approximately 25-30 pounds of pressure. 

  • Add WINDOW: +$53
  • ​Add ZIPPER: +$52

JUMBO:  $181*

Exclusively for the tall executive-style doorway (36" X 96"). This 8' version takes approximately 15-20 pounds compression pressure to install. 

  • Add WINDOW: +$53
  • Add ZIPPER: +$54

*Pricing includes STANDARD FEATURES only. Choose primary blue, yellow, green, red, or orange; inquire for special order colors.